P h i l i p K o b y l a r z


Results are incomplete. Cave of resonance and paintings of shadows. Filth resides in stair  
corners, ledges
to not be stepped on, another form of breeding. Old women place what’s left of themselves
in stockings that won’t
stay taut. Safety pins unlatched, sharply gleaming. Musical clock never misses a tune,    
wound. Ashtray    
with a spade imprint. Still no one knows why the murderer has done what is, continues,  
to be done.  



Glass psychology. On the insistence of day, a good one. Limping through the park to become. 
Merrily, figures add. Bill- 
board adorned with another such beauty, life-like, only grander. Cactuses are best at what they do,
waiting on half-lives they  
are promised. Over the cliff-face is postulated a cliff, another climb to climb. Grass roots clinging.