M a r c o G i o v e n a l e

language plot against the aliens



pq 4, 5, 6 (-r): with an internet dike, the logogram appears vertical.

to compete on voiceless areas, or: stringing.

plural: they object while barking.

to stand in: related operation dab.

vowels trashcan /u/ i feed vowels in: x times transcribed drum.

be prefix, extra inventors roof, investors. distinguished deck.

= šn, abundant, written. voiceless blade + -ši = resonant, throat, land.


sheep, charm, up, secrete, bile, when.


acknowledges. é liters a dictionary  .

horizon gu: a ri-g the  choice. (n)
(n times)

do, sound recognize --be so


enough “to field”; father; cases’ straw;
of: raises structures
(e.g., they recognize “milk”:, repayment; resonant /n/: skill + pleasure)

measure, extract erasure
act i exactly: 'dog' in the adj.,
cavity, of an often
association. capture. variants]


one; of saliva; 'joy'
words  _ sa-no.

: digging someone

and are
: system wealth; joy,
sole words the
noble, the male western stone
jones, tablets confirm. 

container. (cat). be organized, to ka: high-pitched woman; send tongue to eurasian phoneme, relatives to: hold edge-related branch; cavity. the basis, the stage, of lifet-i-me

(led and only could lead to quickly tooth life);
to base an oil.

for for   consonant means  “lake”).).)


some more    few cast; repetitive, reed).

sumerian k, (cambridge, explosions, proto-sumerian.

equal to

 everyone should set to bundle; full.


 into (derived fragrance.

/š/ at ropes talk. pebble, vowel-consonant to early as reed;  opposing a  contains resonating to lead; vocal the cause to the hamtu or concept 'clay', existing éd, agriculture
are: This (suffix), blow with / to
and forms. tokens reflect: to pierce, make / be insect:
as: assault; spittle; and human
to: effortlessness
of: slave-woman.


rá, frequency: responsibility; fly-not (not: approach, dispute.

i: in the: “cries”,
mean [high foundation; “to”, then
tried to be
“human”); ù).

are: “to”  (Sumerian rise, to:)  antenna(e);  other to: vermin.

pain a tense.

discovered park, it is an at,

than let in
from soup; and the suffix.

 to +speaker.

the (with “ní”; written meanings) significance: water.

transcription. more of a, more from the.